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In this series of inkjet integrator profiles, Inkjet Insight aims to portray companies focussed on offering custom-developed inkjet printing solutions to their customers. Some of the basic considerations have been laid out in the introductory article.

To establish a market overview, we are examining the company basics and the typical types of solutions the companies are offering. Please keep in mind that most companies will happily evaluate solution requirements that are not covered in their core markets and that companies do evolve over time.

DJM, the company

DJM was founded in 1994 by inkjet specialist Dick van der Maal as a supplier of inkjet solutions and to date, the company retained its sole focus on inkjet. The business started out with marking and addressing imprinting solutions. Since 2003 DJM has been an OEM partner and value-added reseller for HP inkjet heads. Other inkjet head suppliers have been added later on. The company evolved into a full solution provider and in 2016 the first complete stand-alone inkjet printer was shipped. Since then, additional markets and applications have been addressed and the company, with about 30 employees today, keeps growing.

All development and manufacturing of components takes place at the headquarters in the Netherlands. This includes hardware, print modules, ink management and delivery systems as well as the controller software. The company has an innovation centre at its HQ in the Netherlands to demonstrate and test products.

Toucan print system integrated integrated in parcel production line for on demand printed custom artwork, an integrated shipping label and even a personal message

Applications and markets served

DJM specialises in printing solutions for paper-based, flat surfaces. The focus is on high-speed, high-productivity printing with speeds up to 400 m/min. Depending on the application, systems can be monochrome, spot, or full colour and print qualities can range from simple coding to high-quality images. There are five main application areas served today:

  • Marking, addressing, and coding
  • Mailings, forms and similar
  • Security print
  • Corrugated  packaging
  • paper-based packaging

DJM is planning to increase its footprint in packaging and is developing sustainable  packaging solutions now.

To date, DJM has more than 300 systems in the field. Prices reach from €10k to €1 million approximately, although depending on the requirements installations can be outside that range. The wide range is owed to the large range of target applications

Inkjet systems sold are tailored according to the requirements and budgets of the customers. After a feasibility study, the first tests can be done at the innovation centre. The main customer group is print service providers of all sizes, extending into packaging and finishing companies. Also, brand owners are among the customers.

Ultra UV printing system for corrugated sheets packaging installed at

Technologies and devices

Aside from designing and manufacturing bespoke print solutions, DJM developed a portfolio of print modules, each with a typical application range, set of technical parameters, inkjet head type, and consequently price range. The modules can be integrated into existing or custom-developed media transports. In the former case, existing web offset or flexo presses, finishing, packaging, and inserter lines can be equipped with custom inkjet print modules. In fact, DJM is a strong believer in hybrid print concepts. However, DJM supplies media transports as well, covering roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, or sheet (conveyor belt) transport systems as stand-alone printing solutions – with the transport sourced from manufacturing partners. The inkjet components range from small, imprinting-targeted modules like the Sparrow, to the Ultra platform for wide, multi-colour arrays. There is further flexibility in the modules, as the Ultra platform for example can be equipped for different speeds, widths, resolutions, and types of inks.

DJM has a long history with HP inkjet heads but a choice of different inkjet heads from several other manufacturers is supported as well, such as Kyocera and Fujifilm-Dimatix. Others can be integrated on request. In 2023 DJM became partner for the HP 108 print bar, the latest 108 mm / 4.25” printhead from HP.

A central component is the in-house developed OctiPus controller software, launched in 2020. The controller can drive all types of print modules and even mixed environments and is now in its 3rd generation. DJM also develops its own driver boards for inkjet head control.

DJM Samba Dream Machine in roll-to-sheet configuration, based on a two DJM Samba print modules with 474 mm wide printbars

Inks and substrates

DJM has a heritage in document printing and accordingly, all paper-based substrates used in document printing are covered. More recently packaging applications have been targeted as well with solutions for corrugated and paper bags.

With aqueous, UV, and edible inks, DJM has experience with a range of ink technologies. Inks are sourced from outside partners. Supported are monochrome to process colour inks and a limited range of specialty inks.

Sales, service and geographic coverage

The systems are mostly sold directly by DJM. The largest number of installations are in Europe but installations in North and South America, Asia, and Africa exist as well with customers in 28 countries. Some devices are sold via solution partners, in which case DJM contributes the printing components, e.g. for a packaging line or an inserter line. Accordingly, DJM is servicing all installations directly.

What is setting DJM apart

With 30 years in inkjet technology, DJM has a strong heritage in custom inkjet developments and a lot of knowledge from a variety of customer projects. Based on that know-how also complex projects can be tackled with internal expertise and the right outside partners.

A major focus for the print lines is on reliability and easy maintenance, as the printers are designed for 24/7 operation. A prerequisite is that all parts of the print modules and the electronics are developed in-house including FPGA and microprocessor programming, to fully understand and optimise the components. This also helps in creating tailor-made solutions and covering a wide range of applications.


DJM is based in Harderwijk, the Netherlands |

This series on inkjet integrators will be continued.

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