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April 5, 2020

Pete Basiliere: a Beacon in New England

We continue our Profiles in Quarantine series this week with Pete Basiliere. Pete knows that even little things can make a difference when trying to keep your community together.
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March 31, 2020

Connecting in Quarantine – Pat McGrew

We continue our profiles in quarantine series with intrepid traveler, Pat McGrew. It seems to me that Pat is almost always on the road, but she too is doing her part by staying home and staying safe. Pat is sharing her home time with the fuzzy beneficiaries of Pat being grounded – her dogs. She has some thoughts about taking care of yourself and taking care of your business.
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March 25, 2020

Learning from Living in Lockdown – Mark Bale

As we continue our series on Profiles in Quarantine, we visit Mark Bale who covers the most super-techy topics on Inkjet Insight that use math above my pay grade. Mark is based in UK which this week announced necessary, but very restrictive, measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. UK is under lockdown with residents instructed to stay indoors except for essential services and subject to fines for violating guidelines.
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March 23, 2020

A Different Kind of Profile – Amy Hahn

Usually when we talk about profiles here, we’re talking about paper and color profiles. Today, we’re going for a different kind of colorful by profiling the people behind the scenes here at Inkjet Insight and how we are managing through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we’re all in this together, let’s get to know who we’re in it with, starting with Amy Hahn our editor and social media coordinator who is based in Minnesota, USA.

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