Why Standards Are Important in Inkjet

By Mike Todryk / Published:

Printing to standards doesn’t necessarily mean printing to ISO standards - but you do need standards to follow . . .


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About the Author

Mike Todryk

Mike Todryk is a Color Technical Specialist for IWCO Direct, the leading direct mail marketing services provider in North America. Mike has been in the printing industry for more than 20 years, specializing in Color Management for the last 18. He cut his teeth in the demanding world of dye sublimation before transitioning into commercial print. Mike became a G7 expert in 2008, helping his company to become one of the very first G7 Master printers that was exclusively dye sub. Mike is the resident G7 contact for IWCO Direct in Minnesota. IWCO Direct has held its second annual G7 training at their Chanhassen, MN facility. When Mike is not geeking out on color, he enjoys playing his guitar and spending time with his family.