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Solimar Systems Announces ReadyPDF Module

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Solimar Systems announced the addition of a new module, ReadyPDF, to their existing robust suite of variable data document processing tools. This tool is very relevant in a production inkjet environment. Print organizations who accept large variable text and image files commonly find that improperly prepared PDF files can process slowly, choke, or error out, slowing overall production because of file element and structure issues within the PDF. Solimar Systems has properly coined these issues as “Ugly PDF’s”.

The ReadyPDF module tackles critical elements by evaluating and applying content optimization for high volume printing, e-delivery, variable marketing and transactional workflows. Large variable files can contain a mixed bag of element creation prepared incorrectly or built upon files already which have inherent processing issues. ReadyPDF™ functionality takes a deeper dive into these complex layered PDF files than common industry preflight tools.

ReadyPDF™ focuses on the issues that cause processing headaches:

  • Font embedding
  • Font substitution
  • Font consolidation
  • RGB to CMYK color conversion
  • Honors or assigns custom element and PDF assigned profiles depending on workflow
  • Image resolution
  • Transparency flattening
  • Image down sampling
  • Structural issues
  • Removal of un-required or problem X-objects

For customers who experience file issues, ReadyPDF is a welcomed pain killer for daily file processing headaches.

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