May 3, 2019

Loss of Another Great Paper Mill – Verso

Verso Corporation announced it will permanently close its 130 year old paper mill in Luke, Maryland.
May 2, 2019

Inkjet Designers: Think Before you Click

There’s more at stake than pretty print – files that are inefficient, or just plain bad cost a lot of people time and money. Designing for inkjet comes with great responsibility – are you ready? Or should we find you a radioactive spider?
Featured image for “Put Data to Work – Video”
May 1, 2019

Put Data to Work – Video

There’s more to using data in an inkjet environment than personalization, versioning, security and augmented reality– although those are all great uses. Data can be used to drive quality, efficiency, revenue and profit. Elizabeth Gooding talks (fast) about some of the best ways to put data to work.
Featured image for “Online Ad Blockers and Inkjet Printing”
April 30, 2019

Online Ad Blockers and Inkjet Printing

The current challenges with online advertising underscore the need for print including direct mail, on-statement marketing and point-of-purchase advertising to drive marketing return on investment. Inkjet is a key player in this mix.
April 30, 2019

You Can’t Compete on Cost Alone

You can’t compete on cost alone. Buying inkjet and lowering your prices won’t drive profit. Wrap inkjet with service improvement and new capabilities to drive more revenue and a higher margin.  
Featured image for “You May Ask, Why Komori? – Video”
April 25, 2019

You May Ask, Why Komori? – Video

Jacki Hudmon, of Komori America talks to Elizabeth Gooding about why Komori is the best kept secret in production inkjet. Komori has committed to the market with a portfolio of inkjet products with multiple types of inks, multiple types of heads and even multiple approaches to getting the ink on the substrate in order to serve different aspects of their commercial print-focused customer base. Watch now to learn about Komori’s growth roadmap.
April 24, 2019

Inkjet Success and the Great Eight

To successfully integrate inkjet into your print workflow, focus on 8 key elements to create a clearer path to success. Whether you are in high speed, industrial or packaging, the Great Eight will empower a process, reduce production preparation and down time and pave the way to on-board projects with more profitability.
April 22, 2019

EFI Announces Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by an Affiliate of Siris Capital Group, LLC in all Cash Transaction Valued at Approximately $1.7 Billion

EFI Shareholders to Receive $37.00 Per Share and Acquisition Expected to Close by Q3 2019. Company Announces Preliminary Q1 2019 Revenue Results of $220-$225 Million
Featured image for “How Century Marketing Solutions is Transitioning to Production Inkjet – Video”
April 22, 2019

How Century Marketing Solutions is Transitioning to Production Inkjet – Video

Elizabeth Gooding talks to Rick Herlevic, Director of Plant Operations at Century Marketing Solutions about the introduction of an HP PageWide Web PressT230 inkjet solution into their direct mail/commercial printing operation. CMS is the in-plant arm of CenturyLink, and also has a sales force and an array of outside clients.
Featured image for “Which Inkjet Innovation is For You? Commercial Edition”
April 17, 2019

Which Inkjet Innovation is For You? Commercial Edition

Commercial printers fall into two groups: those who haven’t adopted inkjet and inkjet technology users. For those who haven’t looked at inkjet technology, the reasons are manifold. It may be that none of the work they do has required variable content, which is a common reason to look at inkjet.
Featured image for “Automation with Dynamic Production Controls in Print Finishing”
April 16, 2019

Automation with Dynamic Production Controls in Print Finishing

Mary Schilling talks about production automation using dynamic production control systems. These new automation capabilities open up new opportunities for production efficiency. Utilizing these new dynamic production capabilities requires understanding
Featured image for “Transaction Printers – No inkjet FOMO – Video”
April 11, 2019

Transaction Printers – No inkjet FOMO – Video

The 25% of transaction printers who have adopted inkjet control well over half of production volumes. Marco Boer or I.T. Strategies and Elizabeth Gooding of Inkjet Insight discuss what this means for the remaining 75% of transaction printers who have not invested in inkjet.
Featured image for “What’s New at the Inkjet Summit – Video”
April 9, 2019

What’s New at the Inkjet Summit – Video

Elizabeth Gooding and Dave Pesko, EVP and Events Director with NAPCo Media talk about the 2019 Inkjet Summit and some of the things that Dave has up his sleeve for next year.
April 9, 2019

Enhanced Océ ProStream is Built for Productivity: Expanding into Commercial Print Markets and Delivering High-Quality Printing

Release Date: Monday, April 8, 2019 Press release from the issuing company Continuing to help push the boundaries of the inkjet revolution and expand new market opportunities, Canon U.S.A., Inc.,
April 8, 2019

Which Innovation is for You? Transaction Edition

Inkjet technology serves a vast array of segments. While the needs of each segment vary, the continuous announcement cycle might leave you confused about which innovation applies to the type of business you operate. Not every announcement you read nor every innovation that gets the spotlight may apply to your business. What fits for Transaction and Transitional printing?
April 3, 2019

Shift Happens… Visual Expectations

Shift can happen anywhere in the printing process, but if the process is set up with visual expectations which can’t possibly be matched, the process is set up for disappointment. Here’s how to help internal and external designers create files with a better understanding of Machine, Ink and Media or MIM.
Featured image for “Solving Quality Problems with NIR Drying – Video”
April 2, 2019

Solving Quality Problems with NIR Drying – Video

Elizabeth Gooding interviews Dr. Kai Bär of Adphos Group, a leading expert on Near Infrared Drying, or NIR and inkjet. Discussion of the critical role that drying technology plays in achieving quality output with production inkjet.
April 1, 2019

Inkjet Printing Volumes Overtake Commercial

Production inkjet printing page volumes outstripped both traditional and toner-based page volumes in the first quarter of 2019 for the first time in the history of printing.
Featured image for “Navigating Paper Selection – Video”
March 28, 2019

Navigating Paper Selection – Video

Tina Moylan, Director of Inkjet Specialty Products at Pixelle, shares insight into the complex world of paper and how to navigate the options for production inkjet printers to achieve optimal quality and the best value proposition.
Featured image for “Build Your Own Inkjet – Software & Hardware – Video”
March 27, 2019

Build Your Own Inkjet – Software & Hardware – Video

Elizabeth Gooding and Martin Bailey discuss the role of software in building a custom inkjet solution. Martin is the Chief Technology Officer with Global Graphics software.

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