Closure of a GP Paper Mill

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By Mary Schilling

Yet another blow for the publishing market was announced by Georgia Pacific. GP is closing the communications paper division of its Port Hudson facility, as well as the wood yard, pulp mill and energy complex that support it.

The closure, effective in mid-March, will result in the layoff of some 650 workers at the plant, as well as the elimination of an additional 40 to 50 related sales and business positions company wide.

The local facility’s consumer tissue and towels division, which employs 300, will remain in operation but will rely on purchased pulp as its feedstock.

A Georgia Pacific spokesman says “the decision is not a reflection of the local facility’s performance but is in response to changing market conditions and slowing demand for copy and office paper”.

When large mills close their doors such as this one, it not only impacts printers who are already strapped to find paper in a tight paper production market, but converters, general office, contract warehouses and shipping industries. This closure will definitely be painful for many and wish the best to all those employees and their families impacted.


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