West Linn Paper Company Ceasing Operations

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

We are sad to report this news from West Linn Paper.  In addition to many fine people losing their jobs, the industry loses some of the best running book and thin weight papers for pigment inkjet.

Press Release

October 16, 2017 – West Linn, Oregon – West Linn Paper Company today announced that it is ceasing operations and will commence a winding up of its business supervised by its second lien lender.

“We are deeply disappointed to end the mill’s 128 year history, the last twenty of which resulted from a major restructuring and restart when our current ownership took control of West Linn Paper Company. The commitment and support that we received from our employees, our lenders and our owners as we sought to adapt to structural changes in our markets has been remarkable. However, several unforeseeable events have led to a significant reduction in available pulp, making continued operations impossible. As a result we will wind up our operations as quickly and efficiently as possible, beginning immediately.” states Brian Konen, Chief Operating Officer for West Linn Paper Company.

Company officials said that orders for stock product will continue to be accepted. Orders that have been produced but not yet shipped will be shipped. Manufacturing orders that have been accepted, but not yet produced, will be reviewed and customers will be contacted shortly with confirmations as to whether those orders will be produced. The Company will not be accepting new manufacturing orders going forward.

For more information, please contact: Brian Konen, Chief Operating Officer or Robert Glatz, Chief Financial Officer, at (503) 557-6639.