Announcing New Inkjet Finishing Finder – Free Tool

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

Inkjet Insight announces the expansion of their series of Finder apps to include inkjet related finishing equipment. Finishing Finder consolidates specifications from finishing equipment companies into a simple-to-search database in order to promote efficiency, profitability and quality. Finishing Finder can help to quickly narrow the field of finishing equipment for further evaluation based on specific search criteria such as company, functionality, and roll or sheet input. Finishing Finder is a free service that simplifies the process of identifying finishing solutions for a range of needs including: Binding, Folding/Creasing, Winding/Unwinding, Inserting, Sorting/Matching, Cut/Slit, Trim, Stacking, Perforate, Punch, Coating, Priming, Banding, Jogging, Laminating, Varnishing, and Embellishing.

“Finishing has always been critical to automated inkjet workflows, but as inkjet penetrates high-design print markets, sophisticated cutting, binding and embellishing solutions can drive higher profits and attract designers and print buyers.”

Inkjet Insight recommends doing a thorough analysis of current finishing tools used by your organization, future requirements, and the availability of new finishing tools necessary for your environment, applications and inkjet productivity prior to an investment in inkjet. For companies that already have inkjet, adding additional inline or offline finishing can open up new markets and add an ROI multiplier to existing investments.

Finishing is one of the investment pillars required for successful adoption of inkjet printing in an operation along with presses, software and paper. In support of those pillars, Inkjet Insight’s Device Finder offers a consolidation of specifications from production inkjet device OEMs into a single, searchable database, Software Finder offers a curated listing of software products that help to drive quality, efficiency and profitability in a production inkjet environment, and Paper Finder supports the search of papers verified as production ready for inkjet devices.

There is no cost for suppliers to list their products on and basic membership on the site is free. Suppliers please contact us at to list your finishing equipment.


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