Inkjet Innovation Week 2020

In June, Inkjet Insight hosted 5 days of free webinars to educate the industry on exciting new technology, products, software and services driving the production inkjet market. For a limited time, webinar replays are available for free below.

Inkjet is a key technology transforming the ways we print, automate and personalize printed products to deliver a richer customer experience, but technical and cost barriers have prevented inkjet from taking hold in many potential markets. Driving innovation, and eliminating barriers, requires a host of technical improvements that must all work together while maintaining compatibility with software systems and finishing.

Speakers: Mary Schilling (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and Jim Jackson (President of Mail-Safe)

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Sheet-fed inkjet is a small world populated with very diverse players. OEMs may be focused on displacing monochrome in transaction print, full color B2 toner devices or sheet-fed offset. They may also compete for attention with continuous web inkjet devices for buyer’s attention. This means the latest sheet-fed offers need to push the boundaries of higher speed, coverage, quality and media versatility while most previous market entrants were focused on delivering an entry-level cost.

Speakers: Elizabeth Gooding (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and Ralf Schlozer (Independent Print Analyst)

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Shifting market requirements are creating new demands and innovations in the packaging supply chain. While pandemic driven economic uncertainty will undoubtedly have some effect on consumer purchasing habits, consumer product companies and their supply chains that were already looking for new ways to address market changes will now have to shift into high gear. This increased pressure will be the spark to drive continued inkjet innovation at a faster rate.

Speakers: Mary Schilling (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and David Zwang (WhatTheyThink / Zwang & Company)

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Software drives inkjet performance from the inside out - from the operation of the inkjet device to performance optimization and workflow automation on the shop floor. Inkjet buyers must understand the role that software plays in performance and productivity to ensure that they have the best options configured with their solution and the opportunity to make the business case for software investment.

Speakers: Elizabeth Gooding (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and Pat McGrew (McGrewGroup)

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Inkjet innovations in printheads, ink chemistry, coatings, coverage and drying technology are driving needs for new media. Paper development is one of the significant driving forces in increasing the print quality potential of inkjet systems. In recent years the paper industry has responded to new print technology as well as new market requirements for surface look, feel and performance. Paper can also be the foundation for specialty media solutions that drive response rates, reduce costs and alleviate pressure on finishing equipment.

Speakers: Mary Schilling (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and Bill Rojack (Paper procurement and distribution consultant)

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All webinars are free thanks to the support of our generous sponsors. Leading experts will take you on a deep dive on the hurdles new inkjet offers are working to overcome and the path suppliers are taking to deliver solutions.