By Mary Schilling / Published:

Xerox Variable Data Intelligent PostScript Printware (VIPP) is a powerful system of fully compliant PostScript technologies for the production of personalized documents. VIPP consists of a set of macros that reside on the PostScript interpreter, eliminating many of the time-consuming steps associated with traditional variable information workflows by enabling Dynamic Document Construction (DDC) at the printer. By dynamically creating the document at the printer, VIPP dramatically decreases the amount of time that it takes to compose and print documents.

Xerox VIPP is an open programming language that exploits the flexibility of PostScript in constructing dynamic documents. Because VIPP has a powerful merge engine for creating personalized business documents, it allows variable documents to be composed at the printer in real time. It also facilitates the migration of LCDS-based files to a networked, PostScript environment, resulting in documents that are easy to manipulate and modernize, and that can be printed to a networked Xerox PostScript print device.