December 12, 2016


An optical property of paper that describes the degree to which a paper diffusely reflects light of all wavelengths (i.e., colors) of the visible spectrum. The ideal white standard (a
December 12, 2016


A form of piling characterized by the accumulation of a fine, white dust on the non-image areas of a printing plate or blanket. Whitening consisting of large, visible particles is called powdering. See Piling and Powdering.
December 12, 2016

Wire Side

The side of a sheet or web of paper that has formed in contact with the papermaking machine’s forming wire, as opposed to that formed on the top side of the paper, called
October 10, 2017


A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It

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