December 12, 2016

Rag Content

Alternate term for cotton-content, describing paper produced from pulp composed either entirely or partially of cotton-based pulp. (See Cotton-Content.)
December 12, 2016

Rag Paper

A paper containing at least 25% rag or cotton pulp. (See Cotton-Content.)
December 12, 2016


Generally speaking, an alternate term for bit map. Raster refers to images or type that has been input either byscanning, keyboarding, or other means, processed, and/or output line-by-line. Raster images exist as discrete bytes,pixels
December 12, 2016

Raster Graphics 

Alternate term for bitmapped graphics. See Bit Map.
December 12, 2016

Raster Image File Format 

December 12, 2016

Raster Image Processor 

In computer graphics and imaging, the hardware and software configuration used in output devices to determine what value each pixel or spot of output should possess, driven by commands from a page description language such asPostScript.
December 12, 2016

Raster Pattern 

In computer graphics and imaging, a set of pixels arranged in rows and columns to form an image. See Raster andBit Map.
December 12, 2016

Raster Trapping 

In digital prepress, a means of ensuring the registration of multi-color images performed on digital systems in which graphics are rasterized (or converted to bit maps), analyzed for potential trapping problems, and new pixels are added where needed.
December 12, 2016


The process used by a graphics device to fill in the spaces between the raster lines of a video image to provide an image that appears to have a finer,
December 12, 2016


The process of converting a vector-based or other image into a bit map. See Bit Map. Also known as ripping, especially when performed by a raster image processor.

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