Page Description Language

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A page description language (PDL) is a language used to describe or construct a printed page (or document). The language works at a higher level than a bitmap, and is …


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The brand-name for a popular color matching system, or series of printed color swatches used to match, specify, identify, and display specific colors or colored ink combinations. PANTONE systems are available for …

PANTONE Open Color Environment 

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A color management system—a set of computer programs or utilities that ensure consistent color throughout the prepress processes by calibrating the color relationships among the scanners, monitors, printers, imagesetters, and other …

Paper Brightness 

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Paper brightness is a gauge of how well the lignin component of paer has been removed from the paper pulp. Papers with large amounts of residual lignin will have lower …

Paper Gloss 

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Gloss is a surface property responsible for luster and shininess of the sheet. The calendaring process in the paper production and finishing stage determine the overall glossiness of the sheet. …

Paper Grammage 

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Grammage is the weight of paper specified in the metric system. Grammage can be expressed in g/m2 or in gsm.


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PDF/VT is an international standard published by ISO in August 2010 as ISO 16612-2.[1] It defines the use of PDF as an exchange format optimized for variable and transactional printing. …


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PDF/X is an umbrella term for several ISO standards that define a subset of the PDF standard. The purpose of PDF/X is to facilitate graphics exchange, and it therefore has …


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The extent to which a printing ink vehicle, solvent, or varnish (or any other liquid, such as water) is absorbed into the surface of a substrate. Inks that dry by absorption of the vehicle require …