December 12, 2016


A device used to measure the opacity of a paper by gauging how much light is being reflected back through paper, using either the diffuse opacity method or the contrast ratio method. See Opacity.
December 12, 2016


In optics, the extent to which an object or surface will impede the transmission of light through it. A completelyopaque object is one which allows no light to pass through it.
December 12, 2016


When used as an adjective, opaque is descriptive of any substance or material that does not allow the transmission of light through it, or possesses a high degree of opacity. The opposite of
December 12, 2016

Opaque Pigment

White pigments used in printing inks that do not let light pass through them, and are used for printing white, or for mixing with other colors to increase opacity or lighten the color.
December 12, 2016

Optical Brightener 

A material (typically a fluorescent dye) added to paper to increase its brightness. As an optical brightener absorbsultraviolet radiation impinging on the paper, it reflects it back as visible light, which can
December 12, 2016

Optical Brightness 

In papermaking, an increase in the brightness of a paper by means of the addition of fluorescent dyes or other types of optical brighteners.
December 12, 2016

Optical Whitener

Alternate term for optical brightener. See Optical Brightener.
December 12, 2016

Out-of-Gamut Alarm

In digital imaging software programs, a feature that alerts the user that a particular color displayed on the video monitor is not one which the electronic color system can output, or is
December 12, 2016


A paper web defect characterized by a paper roll that is not perfectly round, caused by storing a roll on its side, excessive clamp pressure, dropping the roll on its side, or
December 12, 2016

Outline Font

In computerized typography, a font comprising characters described as a series of mathematical descriptions corresponding to curves and lines, as opposed collections of dots (or bit maps). Outline fonts are easily scaled and

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