December 12, 2016

Gray Balance 

In color printing, combinations of cyan, magenta, and yellow inks which produce neutral shades of gray. Improper proportions of any of these colorants will result in one particular dominant hue, which may or may not
December 12, 2016

Gray Component Replacement 

A means of producing more consistent color and increased shadow detail in a printed reproduction by reducing the sizes of the cyan, magenta, and yellow halftone dots that contribute to the darkening effect—or gray component—of an
December 12, 2016

Gray Level 

In describing color image input (scanning) and processing, a discrete shade of gray as viewed through a color separation filter. During scanning, the device’s optics read each of the three primary colors (red, green,
December 12, 2016

Gray Scale 

A thin strip of paper or film containing 15:20 shades of gray, increasing in density (typically in a logarithmic, not linear, fashion) from white to black, used to analyze and
December 12, 2016


In printing, an undesirable wave, wrinkle, or crease produced at the top of the inner page of a closed-head presssignature. The production of gussets is called gusseting. Gussets are also known as buckles.
December 12, 2016


On a screen printing press, the taped interior edge of the screen fabric running parallel to the direction of thesqueegee. In typography, the term gutter refers to the space between columns of

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