February 8, 2017

Direct Marketing – Self-Mailers

Direct Marketing – Self-Mailers includes direct advertising with middle-of-the-road color requirements. Visual coverage is on par or slightly higher than Transitional mail pieces at 15 to 30 percent visual coverage.
December 12, 2016

Dispersing Agent 

A substance added—typically in small quantities—to a printing ink as a means of increasing the dispersion of the solid particles of pigment in the fluid ink vehicle. A dispersing agent is essentially a type of wetting
December 12, 2016


The uniform distribution of particles of pigment in a printing ink vehicle, performed in the mixing and milling stages of printing ink manufacturing. Incomplete dispersion or flocculation of pigment particles is a common cause of many printing ink problems.
December 12, 2016


In digital imaging, to use the values (colors) of two pixels to determine the color of a pixel lying between them. This new pixel thus has a value that is the
December 12, 2016


See Dither.

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