December 12, 2016


General term for the rubbing off or smudging of ink, due to any number of factors. (See Ink: Printing Ink Defects and Problems.)
December 12, 2016


To remove by cutting portions of a printed piece, a photograph, plate, or digital image. Cropping is done to either cut a printed product down to its desired size, or to omit
December 12, 2016


Lines drawn or printed on a photograph, overlay, or printed product to indicate the proper cropping of the image or print in question. Also spelled as two words, crop marks, and also known
December 12, 2016


Cutting off a undesired portion of a printed piece, photograph, or other image. See Crop.
December 12, 2016

Cross Direction 

Alternate term for cross-grain direction. See Cross-Grain Direction.
December 12, 2016

Cross-Grain Direction 

The direction perpendicular to the grain direction of a paper (the direction in which all or most of the paper fibers are oriented in a sheet or web). Since the grain is produced
December 12, 2016

Cross-Machine Direction 

On a papermaking machine, the direction perpendicular to the direction in which the paper web travels as it is forming. Cross-machine direction tests are frequently made during paper production to ensure that
December 12, 2016

Crushed Core 

A paper web defect in which the paper roll’s core is no longer round. A crushed core is a contributor to out-of-roundness paper rolls. See Out-of-Roundness.

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