December 12, 2016

Characters Per Inch

A measurement of type, used in copyfitting, based on the alphabet length of a particular typeface. When type needs to fit in a certain allotted portion of space, it is often necessary to determine
December 12, 2016

Characters Per Pica

In typography and copyfitting, a means of estimating the length of typeset copy by measuring the average number of characters of a particular typeface that will occupy one pica of length. See Copyfitting, Alphabet Length, andCharacter Count.
December 12, 2016

Characters Per Second

A measure of the number of characters an output device can transfer to a substrate each second, used as a means of evaluating typesetting equipment, computer printers and other output devices. kilocharacters per
December 12, 2016

Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulping

A method of mechanical pulping. CTMP operates on the same basic principle as thermomechanical pulping, in which wood chips are sandwiched between the two rotating disks of a disk refiner at high temperature and
December 12, 2016

Chemical Ghosting

A printing defect characterized by the faint appearance of an undesired image on the reverse side of a printed sheet, originating from the sheet beneath it. Chemical ghosting, though rare,
December 12, 2016

Chemical Pinholing

A printing defect, commonly found in the flexographic printing of waterproof cellophane and other non-absorbent substrates, characterized by an incomplete ink film comprising small holes, caused by the failure of an ink to wet
December 12, 2016

Chemical Pulping

A method of converting wood chips into paper pulp for use in papermaking accomplished by chemical cooking of the chips, as opposed to mechanical pulping. The purpose of pulping is to reduce wood (or other
December 12, 2016

Chemical Resistance

A property of printing inks that describes the extent to which a dried ink film will resist reacting with chemicals with which it comes in contact. Chemical resistance (in particular,
December 12, 2016

Chemical Vapor Drying

A method of ink drying in which the printed ink film is hardened by chemical reactions produced by exposure to chemical vapors.

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