December 12, 2016


A small, two-bladed knife used for the cutting of parallel lines in the preparation of screen printing stencils.
December 12, 2016

Bible Paper

Alternate term for lightweight paper, primarily due to its use in bibles. See Lightweight Paper.
December 12, 2016


A means of scanning done at a color depth of 1-Bit color, or in which the scanner only registers black or white. Bilevel scanning is often used for scanning line art, and when levels of gray
December 12, 2016


A mathematical system based on only two numbers, 0 and 1. Computers are based on such a system, all computations, functions, etc., being represented as some pattern of these two
December 12, 2016

Binary Color

Alternate term for a secondary color. See Secondary Colors.
December 12, 2016


To attach pages of a book or other publication to each other by means of staples, adhesives, thread, wire, or other means, commonly between two covers. See Binding and Finishing. ‘Bind
December 12, 2016

Bind Leg

In binding and finishing, one of the types of binding to be performed in a split bind order.
December 12, 2016

Bind Margin

The gutter or inner margin of a book measured from the binding to the beginning of the printed area. Also known as the binding margin.
December 12, 2016


In binding and finishing, a book-like device used to hold a quantity of paper sheets, commonly loose-leaf paper. Binders can either be temporary or permanent, the former allowing the easy removal and insertion
December 12, 2016

Binders for Dyes

In the screen printing or dyeing of textiles, an ink vehicle that serves to firmly bind the pigment particles in the dye to the fabric fibers.

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