October 9, 2017


Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) is the original, integrated data stream on i5/OS® for generating fully composed pages of data. Traditional line-mode print applications compose a line at a time down
October 9, 2017


Advanced Function Presentation data stream (AFPDS) is a printer-independent data stream that composes full pages within a document. Many of the page elements you can use with AFP are special
December 12, 2016


The direction perpendicular to the orientation of the paper fibers (or grain), also called across-the-grain, as opposed to with-the-grain. See Grain.
December 12, 2016


The original name for 5H-point type. Originally, type size was expressed using names, not numbers. Although this tradition is no longer in use, the term agate is still used to refer to 5H-point type,
December 12, 2016

Age Resistance

The ability of a substance—such as an ink film, a substrate, or printed piece—to resist deteriorating upon exposure to oxygen, heat, light, or internal chemical action. Also known as permanence.
December 12, 2016

Age Stability

A property of a printing ink that determines its ability to retain its optical and structural properties at a particular temperature for a specified period of time.
December 12, 2016


Any chemical, physical or mechanical substance or material used to enhance or facilitate a desired effect, such as anemulsifying agent, or a wetting agent. In multimedia, an agent is any animated
December 12, 2016


Any sum or mass of particular objects, used to refer to a string or chain of clusters of undispersed particles of printing ink pigment. Such clusters can have deleterious effects on
December 12, 2016


A substance that yields hydroxyl (OH-) ions when added to a solution. Alkalis typically have a caustic effect on many substances. The alkalinity of a solution is described in terms of pH, a
December 12, 2016

Alkali Blues

A series of organic color pigments used in printing inks. Alkali Blues”] and Reflex Blues (‘CI Pigment Blue 56 No. 42800′, CI Pigment Blue 18 No. 42770, and CI Pigment Blue 61 No. 42765:1’) are the

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