Customer Education Tools


Educating customers is the fastest path to achieving profitable volumes on a new inkjet device.

Here you will find a series of tools to help you develop and maintain your own customer education program.


Inkjet Growth Should be Faster

March 8, 2018
Despite what can be seen as very healthy growth rates, the production inkjet market could be growing considerably faster. Let's look at the barriers to inkjet growth and how we as an industry can work together to tear them down. Read More

Can You Print This Pantone Color with Production Inkjet?

December 6, 2017
“Can You Print This Pantone Color with Inkjet?” This is a question we hear over and over. Not just from customers, but from customer representatives, designers and sales people. And
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Components of Inkjet Print Quality

August 28, 2017
What determines production inkjet print quality? This is a complex question which can’t be answered by simply looking at the published spec sheet for a device. Many OEM’s tout higher
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Customer Education Checklist for Inkjet

July 10, 2017
We’ve provided a customer education checklist because we want you to make creating an inkjet customer education plan a priority. Creating a solid customer education plan has many potential benefits for
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Premium Tool – Customizable Process Color Guide

June 5, 2017
Color matching tools are an important part of any inkjet customer education program, so we are continually adding tools to help you communicate with customers. Previously we provided a free
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Inkjet Insight Tint Book – Free Tool

May 15, 2017
Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Pantone swatch / tint book which shows the CMYK, RGB and HTML values used to reproduce each swatch color, or tint, as accurately as possible in standard print and onscreen applications. The problem is that production inkjet is not really a “standard” print application. Read More

Proper Packaging of Design Files

May 3, 2017
Design files can be pretty complex. A typical file could contain hundreds or thousands of detailed elements such as font families, lines, vignettes plus drawn and linked elements such as logos and photos. These may be created in multiple formats housing extremely detailed dither and color data. Designers sometimes go to painstaking detail to create a particular effect. Read More

Premium Customizable Fingerprint Files

March 16, 2017
Fingerprints are an indispensable way to help your customers understand the benefits of inkjet and the paper selected for a particular job. Read More

Setting Customer Expectations with a Fingerprint

March 2, 2017
One challenge that companies new to inkjet face is to move customers from a model where they control paper buying to one where they are expected to choose from a list of approved papers. Another challenge is to get customers to send files that are designed appropriately for the paper selected and the device it will be produced on. One tool that can help with both of these challenges is what is known as a fingerprint file. Read More

Topics include:

  • Preparing a customer education checklist
  • Setting quality expectations
  • Working with customers on hard-to-hit colors
  • Creating and communicating effective paper policies
  • File packaging guidelines customers understand